My story

Hello, my name is Stoyan I was born and raised in Burgas, Bulgaria. I am a software engineer and I am passionate about ourdoor activities, and especialy about running.


After been writing about my other passion: software development for years, I decided that it is time to try to do the same for my running and everything I found interesting about it so that’s why this blog exists.


How I started to run

In 2014 after a surgery and spending significant time in hospital I was gaining lots of weight, Once I my health was back to “normal” and I can do exercise I started running to lost some weight. I had hard time running even 1km, but slowly in few months time I managed to complete my 5K goal and eventually reach my weight goal.

Going longer

In 2015 I relocated to The Netherlands, around my job I met some people who were avid runners, so listening about they running stories I got inspired and started to go father than my casual 5K. Slowly progressed to 10k, 15k and half-marathon long runs. And that led to finishing my first marathon in Autumn of 2017.

Going on trails

In 2018 I moved back to Bulgaria, and found about Trail running, been living on flat and sea level all my life that was something totally different to me. I love running on flat but trails were so beautiful. I managed to finish my first trail half marathon at Tryavna Ultra

Going faster

After few mediocre years in which I was just keeping with my running and trying to find the balance in life, in 2021 I decided that’s time for a new marathon. For the first time I was fallowing training plan and my times for all distances had improved significantly. I had very long training period because of difficulties to find Covid safe race, in the end I did a solo marathon in my local park. Unfortunately I did not manage to complete in my 3:30 target, and took 20min more.

Going forward

Here we go in 2022: I still pursuit my goal of sub 3:30 marathon in Berlin Marathon which been my dream race for years.

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