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Discover Your Perfect Training Partner: The Best GPS Running Watches for 2023

As a dedicated runner, finding the perfect training partner to help you reach your goals can make all the difference.

Stryd vs Coros Pod 2 comparison

Two running pods that provide very similar data, but what's the difference?

Garmin Fenix 7 vs Pixel Watch Fitbit data comparison

Data comparing from running, sleep, hrv, hr, steps and everything that can be compared.

Review: Is the Pixel Watch good for running?

Google Pixel Watch is here, but can be used as a sport / running watch?

Stryd vs Garmin running power: first run comparison

Garmin finaly released running power to its watches, here how it compares to the leader in that field Stryd

HRV data comparison between Garmin and HRV4Training

Measured my HRV for last 2 months and compared data from Garmin and HRV4Training to see if there is any significant differences.

My favourite new software features in the latest Garmin watches

In 2022 as part of its new watch lineup, Garmin also added a set of a few software features with the aim of maximising our training.

Using HRV and AI to determine your power zones for Garmin Watches

HRV can be used for more things than recovery, here is way determine your power and hr zones.

My favourite books about running

I like listening to audio-books while running, here are the my favourite ones

Running and HRV: finally I found a balance

Finding the balance in anything is always difficult and especially hard in something like training, here is one way to do it.

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