Stryd vs Coros Pod 2 comparison

Stryd and Coros Pod 2 are two pods that track a variety of running metrics, including pace, distance, and cadence. Both devices are designed in a way that helps runners improve their performance and monitor their progress. On top of that the devices also provide more accurate pace and distance since normally GPS can have a lag and using a running pod can eliminate that delay.

Coros POD2 can be used only with Coros watches, while Stryd can be used with pretty much all popular brands including Coros or even without watch ( smartphone ).

In the table bellow you can see what are the metrics you can collect with having watch and a watch + pod:

Metric Coros ⌚︎ Only Garmin ⌚︎ Only Coros ⌚︎ + POD2 Garmin ⌚︎ + Stryd
Effort pace ⛔️ ⛔️
Power ⛔️
Stride length ⛔️
Stride height ⛔️
Stride ratio ⛔️ ⛔️
Ground contact time
Leg Spring Stiffness ⛔️ ⛔️ ⛔️
Vertical Oscillation ⛔️ ⛔️ ⛔️
Elevation gain
L/R balance ⛔️ ⛔️
Air power / resistance ⛔️ ⛔️ ⛔️
Price - - 99$ 269$

As you can see the main difference is Stryd measures running power while coros pod 2 is using effort pace, a new metric invented by Coros which tries to simplify pace while taking into account many other factors like grade.
The other difference wich I really like is the Stryds ability to detect head-wind and see how much of your energe is wasted to overcome it.

So which device is better for you?
That depends on your watch: if you have a Coros one, Coros Pod 2 is a cheaper option, otherwise, Stryd is much better from a compatibility point of view and can be used even when you change your watch ( or without one ).

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