My favourite new software features in the latest Garmin watches

In 2022 as part of its new watch lineup, Garmin also added a set of a few software features with the aim of maximising our training. Here my list of features which I use almost daily:

Training Readiness

Daily suggestions

As the name suggest, the goal of this feature is to assess how ready you are for training. Basically it gives you a score from 1 to 100 and a feedback message like "ready for the day".

In order to calculate your readiness for the day it takes into an account few other metrics and combine them into single score:

  • Sleep Score: how well you slept last night.
  • Sleep History: how was your sleep over last 7 days.
  • Recovery Time: how recovered you are after your last workout.
  • HRV Status: More on that later.
  • Stress History: How is your stress level in the past 7 days.
  • Acute Training Load: is a weighted sum of your recent exercise load scores including exercise duration and intensity.
Training Readines with Score 1Training Readines with Score 57

HRV status

Daily suggestions  on the watch

HRV (Heart Rate Variability ) is the variation in the time interval between two heartbeats. Apparently, when you are stressed then your heart beats in sync way compared to when you are less stressed.

So the idea of HRV status is to provide you with another recovery metric. Garmin measures your HRV over night and you have your result in the morning. In order to create your HRV status the watch needs 19 days of over night data collecting and after that creates your baseline.

Daily suggestions

Daily suggestions on the watch

As I said most of the new features aim to improve your training, and now Daily Suggested Workout will provide you with a workouts specific for your race. For example, if you set a race event in your calendar, the suggested workouts will be according to that event, and your watch will even create training phases like build, peak, taper and rocovery. Just like real training plan but in a more flexible one.

Daily suggestionsDaily suggestions

Race Calendar Widget

Race Calendar on the watch

Race calendar widget is a small widget which shows you information about your next race:

  • Time and Date of the Race
  • Prediction Time
  • Forecast temperature
  • Elevation profile
  • Course map
Race Calendar main pageRace Calendar Time predictionRace Calendar Map

Morning Report

Morning report

When your watch detects you are awake, your daily Morning Report popsup on the screen and shows you everything you need to know about the day like:

  • Training Readines
  • HRV Status
  • Workout of the day, including Daily suggestions
  • Sleep
  • Weather
  • Body battery

That's all, thanks for reading.

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