Stryd vs Garmin running power: first run comparison

Years after its competitors Garmin finally started adding Running Power from the watch (without the need of an accessory ). Just a few days ago as part of Fenix 7 and Epix alpha release, the long waited functionality was introduced to Garmin watches.

In the past, RP required to have HRM chest strap or Garmin pod but from now that's gone.

So after loaded my Fenix with the latest firmware, I went for a run, here is a comparison between Stryd and Garmin:

Chart with power data

You can click on the graph bellow to open in large view or see it as live chart here.

I am pretty happy from what I see, the power produced by the watch is pretty much on spot with Stryd, there are a few delays here and there but that's normal.

On a few occasions, I deliberately increased the pace very sharply or did sudden stops to check how the watch responds, and I would say everything was GOOD, with a very little delay of 2-3 seconds.

For example here I just stopped, I am not sure why there is some power from garmin since I did not move.


Overall I am impressed with the quality at least from that single run. That does not mean I will stop using my stryd, it is much more responsive, and accurate, and also encounter the wind which is handy if live in windy place like I do.

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