Using HRV and AI to determine your power zones for Garmin Watches

HRV is used mainly for recovery, but a recent study shows that can be used for determining your HR or Powerzoens without the need of doing a ramp test.

Garmin has an algorithm for determining your HR zones but does not have one for Power ( at least at the moment of writing this ). If you use Stryd platform you are fine and can skip this post. For the rest of the runners using one of the newest Garmin watches like Fenix, Epix, Forerunner 255/955 ( it also might work with Fenix 6 when Garmin release the latest update ) you can continue reading the guide:

Step 1: Turn on HRV recording

To do so go to:

  1. Your watch
  2. System
  3. Data Recording
  4. Log HRV
  5. Set to On

For better results use a chest strap and if you want power zones you will need one from Garmin.

Step 2: Collect data

Before you are able to calculate your zones, you will need to collect some running data with HRV enabled, I don't know exactly how many runs you need, however, my recommendation is to run for at least a few weeks in different intensities.

Step 3: Register at

AI Endurance is a great platform that uses Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) to create and optimize training plans but that's something for another post. After you register you will have 2 weeks trial period in which you can import your running data from Garmin or Strava, that might take some time, and after that is done, you can go to your "Account" from the main navigation, tick the box for "Use HRV derived thresholds" and "Use running power" if you want your power or HR zones, after pressing save button you are good to go.

Step 4: Go to your mobile app

  1. Open Garmin Connect on your mobile app and from the menu select Garmin Devices
  2. Your watch ( for example Garmin Fenix 7 )
  3. User Profile
  4. Heart Rate & Power Zones
  5. Power / Heart Rate
  6. Running
  7. Select Based on: Watts
  8. Enter your zones in watts from AI Endurance.

That's all, now you have HR / Power zones.

The same method can work for other brands and watches, I will update the post once I know more info about it.

With that, have a safe run

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